Timber Fencing

A fence is a structure that separates and divides two areas or properties. It can be constructed of a number of different materials to form a solid or open delineated boundary.

We Specialise In:

  • Picket Fences
  • Paling Fences
  • Rural Wire Fences
  • Federation Wire Fences
  • Horizontal Slat Fences

Over the years, we have tried many different manufacturers of pickets. We have found one thing holds true with pickets; the cheaper the price - the cheaper the quality.

We are Melbourne’s largest supplier of Ecowood treated timber palings, so you can trust that we are always supplying you with the best timber products.

Ecowood Paling Fencing

Price: from $23.64 (ex. GST)

We don't cut corners like some of our competitors, we quote you for what you need as per the old ...

Ecowood Palings- (not CCA)

Price: from $1.09 (ex. GST)

We are one of Australia's leading pailing producers. We manufacture the palings here in Melbourne...

Brush Fence Panels

Price: from $63.64 (ex. GST)

Brush Panels provide a natural, durable and top quality alternative to more traditional fencing a...

Cypress Pickets

Price: from $1.80 (ex. GST)

We have found an excellent supplier that has less than a 2% wastage factor in a pack of pickets. ...

Gate Frames

Price: from $82.00 (ex. GST)

We stock & recommend Instagate brand steel gate frames. A single gate frame is a complete unit a...

Cypress Pine 125 x 75mm

Price: from $14.64 (ex. GST)

Cypress Pine (Commonly - Callitris glaucophylla) is also known as Australian Cypress and is a nat...

Cypress Pine 125 x 125mm

Price: from $27.18 (ex. GST)

Cypress Pine (Commonly - Callitris glaucophylla) is also known as Australian Cypress and is a nat...

Fencing Supplies Melbourne

For your next fencing project, build fencing that expresses quality and style by opting for one of the best companies that are experts in providing timber fencing supplies Melbourne. Welcome to Ecowood Plus Outdoor Timber & Fencing, your preferred timber yard in Melbourne for all your outdoor timber and fencing supply requirements! As one of the top timber suppliers in Melbourne, we have the complete range of fencing supplies Melbourne that can help you build a durable, tough and good-looking wooden fence!

Timber fencing is one of the best and cost effective ways to enhance or refresh the look of your home, making your front gardens and backyards appear more organized and more sophisticated while providing you the desired level of privacy and security. We provide Melbourne’s finest fencing supplies that meet Australian Quality Standards at the most competitive rates. We have a large range of timber supplies available with us so you have the convenience of getting the complete package of timber fencing supplies Melbourne under one-roof.

Depending upon their quality, fencing supplies can contribute in making your fencing last for over 20 years! The choice of your fencing supplies can make the job of building a fence easy or complicated. Components that include:

  • Timber boards and palings;
  • Nails;
  • Sole Plates Gum;
  • Cement Mix;
  • Timber Bracing;
  • Post Hole Digger;
  • Hammer

And many other items in your package of fencing supplies Melbourne, you can be sure that you have everything you need with you to build an attractive, sturdy, effective and functional fencing around your home.

Fencing Tips

Put your fencing supplies to good use by following simple tips:

  • Before you begin using our fencing supplies, make sure you have worked the exact location for the fencing and fencing posts;
  • Know exactly how much distance you want to keep between the palings or fence boards, depending upon your desired level of privacy;
  • Try to keep the fence tops round of triangular to discourage water from standing at the top, causing damage to the timber;
  • Wear proper eye protection gear;
  • Setting corner posts first can help ensure your fence runs in a straight line.

Contact us at Ecowood Plus Outdoor Timber and Fencing, a company that can provide you the finest fencing supplies Melbourne so you can use them to own one of best constructed fencing in Melbourne!